Xper2 - Online

Online identification


There is two online identification modes:

  • Java Web Start (recommended): This tool allows you to launch applications based on Java technology directly from the web. To launch the application simply open the .jnlp file downloadable below.

  • Java applet: This approach offers a way to provide to the user without installing software, an ergonomic and reactive application because much moderated by the web browser rather than the remote server.

Java Web Start

Identification with Java Web Start: Xper2-Identification.jnlp


Online identification with Applet: Xper2-Identification-Applet.php

Available bases

Contribute to Xper² by sharing your bases.


  • To enhance your work and contribute to the community.
  • To benefit from the LIS Xper services and enhanced features: viewXper, descrxp, mindescr,...

You will find information about it in the use FAQ. In case of problem contact-us by the mailing-list xper@listes.upmc.fr. If your base is complete we could put it online as fast as possible.

Available bases can be consult here
or with viewxper